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  • How do Trough Rocks work?
    Being a paramagnetic rock, a simple ion exchange occurs when the rock is placed in water. Free molecules bond to the rock removing them from the water source. This paramagnetism inhibits the growth and distribution of algae and bacteria throughout the water. You'll find in the peak of summer the algae may still grow, but due to the ionic charge, will line the bottom and sides of the trough. The water will still be clean for your animals to drink.
  • Can Trough Rocks harm my animals?
    Definitely not! Trough Rocks are 100% safe for all animals. Trough Rocks are a natural product containing nothing artifical, there is nothing added.
  • Are Trough Rocks the same as other market brands?
    Absolutely NOT! Trough Rocks are completely natural and are sourced straight from the ground. Nothing is added to them. Unlike other products, no copper or boron is artifically manufactured into Trough Rocks. This makes our product much healither and safer for your animals.
  • Are Trough Rocks safe to put into my fish pond?
    Absoutely! They will work the same within you fish pond as in your trough. Keeping the water clean and healthy for your fish and any other animals that live in that water.
  • Do I have to clean my trough before I use Trough Rocks?
    Yes. Trough Rocks keep clean water clean, they don't clean dirty water.
  • How many bags do I need for my trough?
    Use one bag of Trough Rocks per 200 litres of water.
  • Why do I have to change my Trough Rocks?
    Trough Rocks are a natural product and their charge cannot last forever. Change your Trough Rocks every four months for the best results.
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