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Hi, I'm Andrea. :) 


I started my first product Dog Rocks 18 years ago when my third child started school.


After noticing burn marks on my lawn from my Cocker Spaniel puppy Max I knew I needed to find a solution. This is where Dog Rocks started and now it is sold internationally as the only product that stops burn patches naturally! We have been tried and tested for nearly 2 decades. 

In the process of grinding the rocks, we get two other sizes apart from the ones suitable for Dog Rocks. One is fine rock dust which we now use in our product Ecodust. The other is a smaller rock which we use in Trough Rocks. The smaller rock is not safe for dogs water bowls. We put a strong focus on making sure we are socially responsible where possible. Thus in our mining process, we produce minimal wastage. 

We purchased a hobby farm 4 years ago and noticed that our animal troughs were growing a significant amount of algae. From years of product research, we knew our rocks would inhibit this. They helped us so much and now we want everyone to benefit!

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